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    A roll of viscose fabric unfurling, revealing its smooth, shiny texture and drape
    What is Viscose Fabric? Unraveling the Threads of Sustainability
    Viscose fabric is a semi-synthetic material that is used as a silk substitute. It is made from cellulose extracted from plants,...
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    Table with peeled vegetables sitting next to a small compost bin, along with a plant and stainless stell small container. Embracing apartment composting.
    Apartment Composting: Green Your Space with 7 Benefits
    If you live in an apartment, you may think that composting is not an option for you. However, apartment composting is a great...
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    A roll of shiny copper-colored cupro fabric unfurling across a sleek, modern table
    5 Reasons Why Cupro Fabric Is a Sustainable Game-Changer
    Cupro fabric is a sustainable and eco-friendly material that’s gaining popularity in the fashion industry. It’s...
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    Lush green plants fill a small balcony, pots arranged neatly. A watering can sits nearby, and sunlight filters through the railing
    5 Tips for Condo Gardening in Your Urban Oasis
    Condo gardening is a great way to add some greenery to your living space and connect with nature. Whether you live in a small...
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    numerous one dollar bills laying across each other. embracing green budgeting.
    Green Budgeting Strategies: Maximizing Your Eco-Impact
    Welcome to the world of green budgeting, where finance meets sustainability. Green budgeting is a process that uses budgetary...
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    Reusable items, including bamboo and stainless steel items on a table with food and drinks in them. Embracing a zero waste lunch.
    Zero Waste Lunch: Savor Sustainability with Every Bite
    Zero waste lunch is a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to packing your lunch. The concept of zero waste is to reduce...
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    We enjoy writing about zero-waste living, and sharing transformative tips, clever ideas, that help you to live a more sustainable life! 

    red barn on a farm, embracing sustainable liviing


    Hey there! I’m Chris, and my big, bustling family of seven is on a mission to sprinkle a little more green into our lives, right from our small cozy farm. With our hands full of soil and hearts full of ambition, we’re surrounded by our quirky animals and never-ending farm chores, learning what it truly means to live sustainably. Trust me, it’s a rollercoaster—with its highs, lows, and everything in between—but it’s our kind of fun. From starting a garden to building barns with our own hands, every year brings new sustainable projects and challenges.

    Ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into a more sustainable life with us?


    Meet us at the crossroads of simplicity and sustainability! We’re a lively family of seven, embracing the joys and challenges of trying to live more sustainable on our beloved farm. Here, every day is an adventure, between raising our kids and caring for our farm animals. Through our blog, we invite you into our world of sustainable living, sharing tips and tricks, and inspiration to fuel your own journey towards sustainability.

    Welcome to our community, where every small step makes a big difference!

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